Monday, January 25, 2010

Main Platform

Election day is on February the 4th, 2010 for more details, please visit;

Raj Rama stands for important issues for the constituents of Toronto-Centre, such as:

1) Economic Development

2) Public Safety and Security

3) Improved health care delivery and services

4) Better education resources for students

5) More grants and other incentives to attend post-secondary schools for students and those needing skills upgrades

There are many other important issues that Raj will speak about at the upcoming debates, as well as here on this official blog, etc. We are about maintaining a low budget campaign of taxpayer's money. We intend to use the media and social media to get the word out.

I was born in Toronto Centre at Women's College Hospital and I lived for many years in the riding, e.g. owning a house on Gloucester St. I have lived my whole life in Toronto but I have traveled extensively on business trips with Ministers of the Government (e.g. Team Canada Trade Missions, Ontario Exports Missions, CMHC trade, etc.) so my perspectives are very global but I believe in our local economy and community, first and foremost. So please vote for a local candidate, please vote for Raj Rama.

I am running to be your Member of the Provincial Parliament for the following reasons:

1) I have the experience, skills, etc. For example, I have worked for the province of Ontario (i.e.Tourism 1988-2005)

2) The current government is not doing a great job and they need someone like me in the house to wake them up.

3) The current economy is in a "jobless recovery" and extremely vulnerable to outside events in the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, Etc.

4) Creating real change for real people, by demanding economic stimulus programs that help the non-rich, lowering tuition, subsidizing all TTC passes, etc.

5) No more single-source contracts, everything over $1,000 has to go to public tender. E.g Samsung deal for 7 Billion dollars announced last week, that was not put to public tender, so Ontario entrepreneurs and public companies could bid.

6) Demanding more Policing to protect pedestrians, children, etc.

7) Working with affordable housing and other credible advocates/ stakeholders and the private sector to further solutions.

There are many other important issues which I look forward to working with Toronto-Centre constituents on. Please vote for me and vote for someone who is going to "kick ass and take name" (in other words be your advocate/ voice, not a puppet) and Queen's Park on Your Behalf.

Contact Raj on facebook at:
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Please give me your feedback on the following:

Voters in Toronto Centre will go to the polls Feb. 4 to replace George Smitherman, who resigned as MPP early this year to run for mayor. Independent Minded People Vote Local and Vote for Ability, as well as positive change; not for broken/ empty promises (e.g. the famous quote by Premier McGuinty in 2003 “I won’t raise your taxes” & then we got the up to $ 900 health tax…), a broken track record with many examples of lack of oversight/ incompetence/ mismanagement/ misspending/ etc.. Some examples of problem areas since 2003 are higher Tuition's, e-Health ‘fiasco’, Ont. Lottery Corp., multi-billion dollar auto-bailouts for broken companies, huge deficits [ i.e. over $24 Billion deficit this 2009/10 fiscal year, on top of the over $170 Billion that has not been reduced much since 2003], etc.! Now the McGuinty Government wants to (as the old saying goes) ‘sell the furniture to heat the house’ by selling valuable crown assets at the worse possible time, e.g. they are looking to sell the ‘cash cow’ LCBO, OLG, Ont. Hydro, etc.

Make your Vote Count & be Part of History by electing someone who represents you and not a political party (e.g. 1-19-10 article ‘the government will increasingly be run out of the premier's office’)! I will get the Job done because I have had over 15 successful years of working for the Ontario Government (1988-2005) and with the other two levels too! That’s my promise to you; to represent you the voter and not the big business ‘lobby’! I believe Ontario needs real and substantive "Change", in terms of our Political Leadership and direction. Send a message now to the McGuinty Government that we do not want a 13% HST in 2010 and in fact we want a reduction so it is ‘revenue neutral’ e.g. 11%! Otherwise the HST will cause even more economic hardship than we have on our plate in 2010/2011. Media reports, such as this one illustrate our point: ‘Liberal MPPs worry that rebate cheques of up to $1,000, which Premier Dalton McGuinty assures them will cushion the blow of the new 13 per cent harmonized sales tax, are already being seen as "bribes" by skeptical voters.’

One positive solution I can suggest would be to elect capable Independent Candidates now & in the next election (like myself) who have relevant and useful Business, Media and Government expertise (I have over 25 successful years) that will make real change start at Queens Park now & again in the 2011 at the next fixed date General Election! Electing Independent Politicians I believe will: 1) Bring back fiscal & moral accountability to Voters…2) Encourage new/ fresh people to enter politics who are very capable and compassionate…3) Encourage young people to Run and get out their friends/ supporters to vote for them. They can use these skills to work in either the Public or Private sectors. What other opportunities and benefits do you see; your feedback is needed and appreciated.

One of many big problems is that we have lost or have in limbo far too many "Good paying Jobs" since 2003 (i.e. @ Nortel, GM, etc.) and the tax revenue that goes with it! Unemployment rates are very high (e.g. Windsor, Sudbury, Hamilton, etc.) and appear to be getting worse, i.e. Youth Unemployment is at over 20%, which are leading to many societal problems/ unrest/ etc.! This is totally unacceptable and there are alternative solutions I hope to propose in the media, in the coming days (before the by-election). I hope all of these ideas will encourage you and your friends & family to vote for me because together we can get important issues addressed (rather than talked about), such as those related to our Economy, Public Safety, Roads, Transit, Education, etc. Why kill (even if slowly) the ‘Goose that lays the Golden Egg’, i.e. Toronto and/ or other urban centers in Ontario? In Toronto we need to fix Traffic Gridlock, Aging Infrastructure, and the Mike Harris Government ‘Downloading’ of costs and so on. We can do this by working with the other levels of Government, the Private Sector, Unions, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

Having been exposed to Politics, since I was a child, as my mother was a Constitutional Lawyer in India in the 1950’s, working for her father, who was a Prominent Politician (Mr. Govind Sahay who is still recognized to this day, as an Indian ‘Freedom Fighter’ (there are less than 600 in history), who fought for the liberation of India along side other Freedom Fighters, such as Nehru, Gandhi ( ). I co-founded in 2007 a successful advocacy/ policy non-profit called Canadians Against Substance Abuse, after addressing drug trafficking issues (with residents, Police, Queens Park’s help, etc) in the Toronto-Centre riding. A small group of us, with members of the Government felt we could make a difference and we are doing just that now! Like many I voted for McGuinty; I chose Change in 2003 & I got short-changed! Let’s fix the mistake now and again in 2011!

Vote for a local candidate! Please Vote for Raj Rama on February 4, 2010 in the Toronto Centre By-Election, for the job of Ontario M.P.P. Together we will make the quality of life better in Toronto-Centre!

Call to donate and/ or volunteer please call 647-830-3328, we need your help to Win!

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